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Welcome to TIF !

TIF works with a pool of fully vetted, highly-qualified professional interpreters and translators. All of our professional staff have graduate or advanced degrees in interpretation and translation and have years of direct experience working in international, multi-lingual environments. TIF's professional interpreters and translators understand the nature of the business needs of all of our clients. We value trust in working for and with all of our clients to help them achieve all of the interpretation, translation, and facilitation goals and objectives for their businesses. TIF Center is dedicated to delivering exceptional and trustworthy interpreter and translator services, and we are committed to doing our utmost to meet all your business needs.
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Service Languages


Our Strengths

  • A pool of fully vetted and highly-qualified interpreters and translators with Master's degrees
  • Experienced and skilled professionals with ample experience in respective industries
  • Global communicators equipped with strong work ethics
  • Professional interpreters serving as facilitators when needed 
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